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1  Defense of the Ancient / Web Dota / Re: Round - 65 Player Cards on: April 18, 2016, 03:56:21 PM

Name:   (#2176) I Xerxes I
HP:   9260 / 9260
Mana:   3800 / 3800
Strength: 113   Attack: 266 - 276 + (2130)
Agility: 202   Armor: 432 (47%)
Intelligence: 35   
Level: 9   Experience: 58537 / 76890
Rank: 1   K: 334 (6)   D: 69   A: 14
Region: Fountain   Clan: DAT

(#2502) BOO   7
(#3760) Dodge Ro   2
(#3224) Domino   12
(#1111) fekfek   1
(#3502) FingerLicknGood   1
(#1591) Gnaix Boon   1
(#2579) K O   1
(#3583) KfcBucK3Tm3AL   4
(#2301) kFcFeVeR   1
(#2754) KFChotwings   1
(#2756) KfcIIua   2
(#1754) kFcKidsMeals   2
(#1492) Liiina   5
(#2809) LKLK   19
(#2177) OnlyYou   4
(#2067) PingPong   2
(#1337) SpamSpam   2
(#2151) Warden   1
(#3043) Witch   1

Just luck on side at SC and 2 FOD food  Tongue

Noob player with Noob hero getting Noob rank and stats... Tongue
2  Defense of the Ancient / Web Dota / Re: Round 65 - Talks on: April 18, 2016, 03:53:39 PM
Enough wait... when is the next rd ?
3  Defense of the Ancient / Web Dota / Re: Round - 65 Player Cards on: February 04, 2016, 07:02:31 PM

Name:   (#1158) K A R T O O S
HP:   6440 / 6440
Mana:   4130 / 4130
Strength: 77   Attack: 193 - 203 + (1540)
Agility: 164   Armor: 314 (49%)
Intelligence: 44   
Level: 7   Experience: 33324 / 34173
Rank: 13   K: 173 (2)   D: 42   A: 4
Region: Fountain   Clan: DAT

(#2502) BOO   2
(#3224) Domino   4
(#1718) Dragon   1
(#1111) fekfek   1
(#3502) FingerLicknGood   1
(#1158) K A R T O O S   2
(#2579) K O   2
(#3583) KfcBucK3Tm3AL   1
(#2754) KFChotwings   13( winner)
(#1754) kFcKidsMeals   1
(#2809) LKLK   6
(#2326) MeowMeow   1
(#3245) NomNom   1
(#2177) OnlyYou   3
(#2067) PingPong   1
(#3081) ReinDawn   1
(#3996) Yin Zix   1

Played agi after long time
Awesome round
Clan rank 1(  lucky side and delayed shuffles)
Highest clan creeping
4/5 in top five..
Congratz Ghost, Cracker,Alligator,C and rest mates ( Zhakkas, Arun,Pupu, Dante and Vince )
Webdota rocks!
4  Defense of the Ancient / Web Dota / Re: Round - 64 Player Cards on: December 01, 2015, 01:19:14 AM
One must start a spark to light a fire  Grin
If you don't post on those bugs, who going to talk about them  Roll Eyes

Seems nobody care about them... at all
5  Defense of the Ancient / Web Dota / Re: Round - 64 Player Cards on: November 29, 2015, 06:47:21 PM

Name:   (#2626) bHoOtN4tH
HP:   5040 / 5040
Mana:   27216 / 27216
Strength: 45   Attack: 40 - 50 + (60)
Agility: 140   Armor: 340 (65%)
Intelligence: 309   
Level: 7   Experience: 29364 / 34173
Rank: 32   K: 81 (1)   D: 75   A: 70
Region: Fountain   Clan: NOTORIOUS

(#2437) 0neMoreLag   5
(#2245) 3laglag   9
(#2753) DiVerSion   2
(#2777) FaD3   1
(#1066) GrEEdY kiLLeR   16( almost all  2 hit last kills after bash and burn from tera )
(#2246) IamART   1
(#3141) iamBuueeekkk   4
(#3440) IamDreamWalker   3
(#1419) IamLonelyKidz   2
(#1842) iAmMe   8
(#2219) IamNothing   1
(#1784) IamPigBenis   4
(#2990) iAmwHoiAm   2
(#1182) kiIlua   3
(#1479) kilIua   1
(#3971) Kratom   1
(#3755) LAGLAGPuso   1
(#1403) Sotong   2
(#3128) T3N   1
(#3807) TeRa   2
(#2882) tMakeR   5
(#1180) Z Cpades   1

I was not really available for this rd... except as an healer to Zhakkas... so merged into thug's clan... and why is nobody talking of negative mana after sunder and butter working rarely, hero repick bug.
Seriously if this is how game develops... i really have no interest  to continue...
6  Defense of the Ancient / Web Dota / Re: Next Round Possible Changes on: October 06, 2015, 10:25:26 PM
i think ur idea isnt good.U told that new players wont play cuz of clan r u insane.I think ur idea is killing the game.U are proposing ur trouble not for the game.Dont care about new come.Need to care old ppl and need to seduce retire players to come back this game  Cool

i will leave immediately if this game isnt going to attract new comers. a game that stop growing is dying, pure fact.

and, i am not playing this fun round becoz of clan. ask Dpro. =)
i dont like joining a clan. i want a relaxing game, and solo suits me better.
but solo = losing TONS of gold = lose others alot = whats the POINT to play? =/
and... new players are mostly going to... SOLO for 1-2 rounds first.
and they will get PISSED when lose like crap becoz no experience on this game, further losing hell lots of gold.
i believe there arent much new player in this game. so i am prepared to leave this game again, anytime soon =)

Solo was discontinued for very valid reasons   rounds back.. and yes it brought cons with it..   i have nothing against solo... just it shouldn't get abused like earlier over clan players

And yes there are few new players a round before this fun round...
7  Defense of the Ancient / Web Dota / Re: Next Round Possible Changes on: September 25, 2015, 03:38:05 PM
another thing i have suggested to LoD personally, i wonder u guys agree:
this thing is stopping new players IMO.
for many rounds, I wish to play as solo as i dont feel want to get tied to a CLAN.
but then, without a proper clan, i will lose a lot of GOLD COMPARED TO OTHERS who are in one.
end up, i skipped the rounds. whats the point to play if I dont want a clan, and i will be so far behind in gold =/

a CLAN should be fun, and supportive. and i think thats all it needs. GOLD from job and troops? i hope it get scrapped real soon.
so that we will together see a NEED for a better clan system that enhance "Fun" and "Teamwork" elements.
I think clan is way in which different players from all the region of world join together and intract with each other. I still remember when I joined wd only 2 player were playing WD from my country and I didn't know anyone else and now only due to clan system I know so many of wd player from different countries. removing it is not a nice idea...better continue this's also nice to manage clan creeping I think lots of people like this...

Specially if you have max clan exploration Wink
8  Defense of the Ancient / Web Dota / Re: Next Round Possible Changes on: September 15, 2015, 10:39:32 PM
I demand make DR lesser chance to drop! or any item with decent source of damage.

I demand make agi train armor no int expensive way!

I demand SF uniqueness to be lowered or reworked. (even i suggest it wont be implemented, so i think it;s useless)

I demand Str's to be balance

I demand BKB to be tweak and be lvl 4 items.

I demand improvement on int's fizzle rate at low lvl till they reach lvl 5 and above.

I demand a trial by combat to those who will disagree on me  Grin

just kidding.

Valar morghulis
9  Defense of the Ancient / Web Dota / Re: Next Round Possible Changes on: September 15, 2015, 01:42:39 PM
Quick fix for next RD:

1. Eaglehorn price reduced from 16000g to 13500g
* matching Reaver and Mystic
* reduced effectiveness of Butterfly's evasion due to MKB
* enhance usage of MJ

2. HoT's sunder block chance reduced from 40% to 30%, recipe price reduce from 5500g to 1000g (new HoT total price will be 20500g)
* matching new Butterfly price as much as possible (refer to #1, now will be 17250g) and Shiva's 19000g
* reduced block on sunder is to balance the trend of STR being too hard to be killed

3. MKB recipe price increased from 2000g to 4000g, requires Demon Edge and TWO Javelin, total price of 9700g, damage increased from 80 to 110.
* too good as a counter for evasion, a higher price required for such effect
* at the same time, an increased damage on the item makes it more valuable for a slot

4. Desolator recipe price reduced from 7500g to 6000g, requires TWO Hammer, total price of 8000g (reduced from 8500g).
* easier to build up (by getting the 2 Hammer first, and less gold saving needed for the recipe)
* better pricing for an underused item

5. Ring of Health price reduced from 7500g to 6000g.
* overpriced for an underpower item, which only brought because needing as an ingredient

6. Point Booster price reduced from 7500g to 5500g.
* the effect of this item is balance of the other 2 Booster, no reason for it to be the most expensive one

7. Soul Booster recipe reduced from 2500g to 1000g, HP and MP boost from 20% reduced to 15%
* total price (combined with #6) will reduce from 21000g to 17500g.
* reduced effect to match lower price, and also to balance one of the best late game item for STR and INT

8. Bloodstone HP and MP boost from 25% reduced to 20%
* total price (due to #5 and #7) will reduce from 40500g (one of the most expensive item in game) to 35500g.
* reduced effect for the extremely strong item for STR and INT (i see this as one small indirect boost on AGI)

9. Hood of Defiance reduced resist from 40% to 30%
* a reduced effect due to lower total cost (refer #5).
* also making STR easier to get killed by spells (STR heroes are the one getting the most value from HoD)

10. Remake of Aghanim Scepter, requires Ogre Axe, Blade of Alacrity and Staff of Wizardry, recipe 7500g (total price 22500g). Effect +20 to all Stat and:
STR = Gain 10% increased total damage when using Enrage
AGI = Gain 10% increased total damage when using Terror
INT = Gain 10% spell effectiveness
* a rounded item for all 3 classes.
* balanced effect, players may choose to have it or not to get it, not a must item.

11. Improve Butterfly evasion from 15% to 25%, still cap at 30% evasion though, increase recipe from 1000 gold to 4500 gold.
* no need for getting 2 Butterfly
* as per I suggested in the past, AGI should have 10% crit chance and 5% evasion at level 1 to improve their overall performance. the 25% from new BF and the 5% base = 30% cap.
* enhance the evasion since MKB hammered evasion a lot (when I suggested making evasion max at 20% from 30%, thats hammering it 33% weaker. MKB make it 50% weaker. LOL)

12. Add Heavens Halberd
Requires Sange and Talisman of Evasion, recipe 5000g. +30 STR +15% Evasion
* alternative of Butterfly for evasion

13. Nerf Sange, scrap away the +5 attack; nerf Yasha, scrap away the +5 armor, nerf SnY, scrap away the +10 attack +10 armor, nerf Eul Scepter, scrap away the +500 mana regen.
* SnY too popular
* Eul too popular

14. Rework Witching Stave
Requires Eul Scepter and Talisman of Evasion, recipe 5000g. +30 INT +15% Evasion
* alternative of Butterfly for evasion, specially made for INT
Any item that gives alternate to second butterfly and gives evasion is good thing....
Cost changes are nice
Overall... two thumbs up for every suggestion... hope lod do them in next rd...
10  Defense of the Ancient / Web Dota / Re: Next Round Possible Changes on: September 15, 2015, 02:59:33 AM
Oh look, we make the following changes

1. sunder is on str is a waste
2. Rs don't even exist
3. terror is useless

4. when enrage turn?

lets work in support of nerf-ing every type so everyone use 20 turns for 1 kill

Hail HaTE  for bringing the balance to game
11  Defense of the Ancient / Web Dota / Re: Next Round Possible Changes on: September 14, 2015, 09:53:26 PM
Ftw why are you after Str... you want a 14k hp dying all the time

This is the balance... hail HaTE pa g
Huh? Why blame me? I didn't propose all the changes except OD, EUL & BKB. I still stand by my suggestions. Only problem I see is introduction of MKB.

- BKB got 20% block rate (from 35%) which is reasonable.
- Both BKB & Butter(s) don't use mana. Which means both items will waste turns of all classes. Reasonable.
- EUL gives 500 mana regen. A well needed buff for INTs. Again reasonable.

However, MKB is the item responsible for massive deaths of INT class. Because if you remove MKB from equation then all classes have equal opportunities to waste each-other's turns. But with introduction of MKB, INTs can't make waste of other classes' turns.

And MKB wasn't my suggestion Cheesy.

Anyway, it's just test round. Hopefully more problems with the game will be highlighted.

You highlighted yourself as biggest problem webdota ever faced....
12  Defense of the Ancient / Web Dota / Re: [Sticky] Game Suggestion on: September 13, 2015, 07:21:16 PM
All of is know that AGI's are weak and need improvement so here I am giving two new items for AGi's that are must needed for them...

1.Vladmir's Offering (recipie cost 100)
Mask of Death  (cost 3500)
Ring of Basilius (cost 2400)
Ring of  Regeneration (cost 3000)
Gives  16% lifesteal (non orb),+50 damage,1200 hp and mp regenration percycle and 30 armour...

Since no body heals agi at lvl 3-4 because INTs are busy in killing and don't want to heal agi and waste mana and also with the help of this agi can kill more in same cycle...

2.Radiance (Recipe Cost 10700)
Sacred Relic(Cost 3300)
And Talisman of Evasion (Cost 2000)
Gives :- +150 damage and 15% Evasion (Limit to one only)

Since Agi's got low slot and he has to make 2 butter , with the help of this Agi's will get damage and evasion with one item only this will save him one slot need of 2 butter..

Vladmir is  must... Radiance will give option over DR...
13  Defense of the Ancient / Web Dota / Re: Next Round Possible Changes on: September 13, 2015, 12:17:12 AM
Fix, batch 2:

Part 1, regarding "attack" item having uneven % (STR/INT 50%, AGI 70%) :

1. base HP from 150 increase to 700
* currently say a STR hero, after some hours with 40 STR = 150 + (40x70) = 2950HP
* while an AGI/INT hero will start probably only 25 STR = 150 + (25x70) = 1900HP, a STR having 64% more HP
* with 1000 base HP, 40 STR = 700 + (40x70) = 3500HP
* while AGI/INT with 25 STR = 700 + (25x70) = 2450HP, a STR now only having 43% more HP

2. attack item set back to 100% at all level, for ALL classes
* as per #1, now everyone has 550 HP more, attack item has to be stronger
* i suggest all 3 classes to be same at 100%, as that this encourages different sort of build
* i wish to see INT building "attack" strategy instead of just spell castings, in near future

3. STR no longer gives all heroes 1 attack damage, instead, each main Stat gives 1 extra attack for the hero
(STR stat for STR, AGI stat for AGI, INT stat for INT)
* as AGI build up their Agi in early game, this will enhance their attack damage
* as STR hero get no benefit from this (same as per current), and INT barely need attack, this is a little buff to the AGI
* and also for long run (to mid/late), this shall provides AGI a slight buff

4. extra adjustment similar to this, base MP from 150 increase to 350.
* an extra 200 mana can help AGI to easier getting 1 more cast of 400 mana Terror
* and a base 150 MP is just around 2 point of INT, it doesnt make much sense for base to be that low
(i know that this is from real DotA, but real DotA int dont give 70 mp)

Part 2, regarding INT spells. Currently I see that Lina and Holy Knight get special spells as their uniqueness.
I see this as considerably unfair, unless all INT are differentiate through unique spells.
Also this current setting limit the play style of selected INT heroes.

1. Remove Sunder Health. Remake Sunder now only swap HP, leaving minimum 45% HP on target (in other word, new Sunder = old Sunder Health)
2. Amend Mana Burn to AGI only.
3. Add Mana Drain, level 2 spell and for INT only, draining a portion of target's mana for caster. (to compensate INT strategy of using Sunder to swap enemy INT mana)

Nice suggestions
14  Defense of the Ancient / Web Dota / Re: INT is most favored class as compared to AGI and STR on: September 11, 2015, 08:33:39 PM
Why are  you avoiding your homework pa g ?
Why are you avoiding this Grin?
Question: Just tell me this (or make another 5 posts to avoid this question) Did the game force you to make Sunder account? Did the game force you to drop BKB, did the game force you to have only 1 butter? Or was it your choice Grin?

I am not avoiding... you are avoiding a homework... i know its hard for you to do... still try it pa g
15  Defense of the Ancient / Web Dota / Re: HERO, ITEM, GAMEPLAY BALANCE SUGGESTIONS on: September 11, 2015, 08:31:39 PM
Just no. 2 rd ago i forgot to login at starting and turn up in the ft. That rd is a disaster.
Okay, fair enough. I'll wait for more feedback from others before taking down that suggestion.

I am not going to complete  what i gave you as homework... i know what i did and why.... i am not surprised you couldn't understand it till now

It was a special kind of noobness who hit 17 consecutive on Str  playing Str....

I got banned  many times
So what ?
Atleast i don't suggest  silly changes and ruin the game....
Did i get ban last rd because you were accusing every now and then and might even reporting me  till rd ended...

Oh you're just playing around to cover-up your epic blunder and you will never admit it. Just like you never admitted that you were running multies until you were banned Grin. Yeah now post something silly to cover this up as-well.

Yeah I wasted 17 turns. Had many turns & it was round end. Your point?

How about the question below?
Question: Just tell me this (or make another 5 posts to avoid this question) Did the game force you to make Sunder account? Did the game force you to drop BKB, did the game force you to have only 1 butter? Or was it your choice Grin?

How many times i have to repeat that answer lies in the homework i gave you...
Still acting like pigeon on chess table.... bwahaha
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