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Author Topic: [IMPORTANT & STICKY] ~Board Rules~  (Read 3085 times)
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on: April 29, 2008, 02:01:20 AM

To increase order in the forum, we are going to implent some limitation rules for your signatures, avatars and language. This is to avoid ridiculous long signatures and offending avatars. So, here I go:


1. Your signature should only consist of one(1) to two(2) Images, not bigger than 100kb OR you can put a max of five(5) player cards aligned in a line.

2. Animated graphics in signatures are restricted from today on. You may use them in your avatar ONLY. This is to decrease the strain on the server and loading times.

3. The use of offending(racialistic, sexual...etc.) graphics is also forbbiden.

Language & Posts

1.Always remember that other humans with feelings just like you are part of this forum. Do not use offensive language and think well before you post anything that might go against an user. If you have a personal dispute with another user please use the PM system, we do not want to read your flaming.

2. Try to express yourself decently, try to avoid writting something like this,"icic agree tis so gud sad tat edi over Sad ", instead write it like that,"I see, I agree in that matter, its really awesome. Sad to see that it is over already Sad." It does not have to be perfect but at least understandable.

3. The board language is english and only english for now. Do not use any other languages.

4. Posts must have a decent content. Things like "ic....." or "o...." are considered spam and will get deleted without warning. Continued spamming might result in temporary bans.
What else is spamming?
- things that have nothing to do with the topic. Example: A topic is about music, things like "Hey wassup people" is considered spam.
- You people tell me what you consider spam and I shall add them here.


Forum registration is limited to weekends due to bot spamming. Please excuse this issue.

We have given you more than enough time. Profiles not changed accordingly yet will receive warnings.


More to come....
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