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Author Topic: Easiest guide of how to play with Niax  (Read 3916 times)
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on: December 03, 2015, 03:06:15 PM

So niax is the one of the best str hero who can deal with any of other heroes. That is the reason i am writing this guide.
So lvl 1 and first attribute bonus +3 agi (for 28 agi) +1 int(for 1200 mana) +2 str(no need to have more int or agi)
Now the day begins just go to bot and w8 to buy boot(2700 gold +12 agi. It is for 2 turns per cycle)
Then just buy belts(+12 str it is the common build of str do not afraid to you are low hp coz others are still w8ing items)
While w8ing items to buy use 1 to 2 turns on enemy strs who have highest hp. (Remember before you hit ask agi mates to check those enemies have GA coz you cant get exp).
In that condition you will be lvl 2 almost every other strs and ints(but if you lvl up very first you gonna be exp cow to others so just w8ing is better until you can be active)
So you are lvl 2 you will have boots and 2 or 3 belts (i prepare 2 belts) then go to mid buy sobimask then go to top build ring of bassilius. Now you just try kill as possible as you can and buy ogre axes. Try not to die better fountain jumping coz you are already lvl 2. Lvl 2 earns 380 gold per hour. If possible and if you lucky enough your agi mates will give you creeps. Try get forrest trolls.
At the lvl 3 you gonna have 1 boots 2 or 3 belts  1 ring of bassilius 2 or 3 ogre axe. So your agi will be 42 and your hp will be arround 5000+. Then directly buy mitrill and make bkb. It is cheap and very worthy for strs. For my experience i usually lvl up fast than any other strs so ints always try hit me. Always give them their answer back. (3enrage is almost enough trust me you are niax. If not just flee Tongue)  then
So now your items will be 1 boots 2 belts 2ogre 1bkb 1 bassilius. Now you need item slots so combine belts with ogres for sange.
So now you are almost lvl 4 or already lvl 4 so now time to buy 1 robe(coz you need extra mana for enrage more and kill without robe killing is almost impossible). Then buy blades(+16 agi). Then combine them for Diffusal blade(very useful. You can kill ints easily and enemy wont revive). Then buy blades again combine wih boots.
So you have 1 yasha 2 sange 1 bkb 1 DB 1 bassilius. And you are almost lvl 5 if you are realy lucky and gets creeps every day you will have extra yasha at the very beginning of lvl 5. So you agi is now 112 and hp is arroind 8k(not so high but enough) then just read all state +8 book. Then your agi is perpect 120 and mana is almost enough for solo kill. Try kill strs easily regular hit 2 times then use enrages or just enrages if you are low on turns. So almost every cycle you can do kills by yourself within 4 to 5 turns.
Now you can combine sange and yasha together for extra slot. So you will have 2 s&y 1bkb 1DB 1 bassilius and lvl 5 i guess. Then start training str. Once you get creeps buy HOT. Then or before HOT sell bassilius buy voidstone. Then buyanother HOT. After 2nd HOT your hp will be 13k+. Then buy bloodstone instead of void stone.
Your final items gonna be 2 HoT 2s&y 1BS 1DB 1BKB or MKB. Coz that time almost round ends or you can change your s&y to HOTs. That is my play. Hope you will have good clan and good partners. Thank you.

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Reply #1 on: December 03, 2015, 05:33:23 PM

Nice guide bro.I hope i can see more guide from u Kiss

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