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Youth Team
- this is your young team, where you invest $$ into it, and every week you can promote a youth player to join your team.
- but youth team got level. the player you promote will depend on the youth team level. if your youth team level is still very low, you better dont promote any youth player, its just a waste of money.
- to increase your youth team level, you need to put investment into it. you can choose 4 types of investment: none / RM20k / RM40k / RM80k per week.
- as for my advice:
(i) it is better to put RM20k per week until your team reach "inadequate" level. then chance the investment to RM40k per week, until it reach "passable" level. after that, change it to RM80k per week.
(ii) dont promote any youth player before it reach "passable" level.
(iii) dont decrease your investment, or else your youth team level will fall. you better only keep it at the same level or increase the level. decrease the investment will affect the level.
(iv) once the youth team level reach "passable" or above, promote a player every week. you might get lucky and get a good player~!
- to read more about youth team, click here.

- your team may hire some specialist to improve your team overall performance.
- there are 7 "types" of specialists in the game, each has different type of effect on your team.
- read about the specialist here.
- for every "category" of specialist, you must not hire more than 10 person, or else it will bring negative effect to your team.
- one important notes is that, goalkeeping coach and assistant coach are count as same "category". so your goalkeeping coach + assistant coach must not be more than 10.
- another notes is that, your 6th specialist on each "type" will be only half effect from the 5th. and 7th will be only half effect from the 6th. eg. if you got 7 goalkeeping coach, your goalkeeping coach effect will be 500% + 50% + 25% = 575%. the 8th goalkeeping coach will be 12.5%~
- notes that "type" and "category" are not same. there are 7 types of specialists but 6 categories of specialists, because the coaches are count as 1 same type of category.
- my advice will be:
(i) 1 goalkeeping coach and 5 assistant coach, if you are training your outfield players
(ii) 5 goalkeeping coach and 1 assistant coach, if you are training your goalkeepers
(iii) 1-5 sport psychologist. you need only 1 if your team spirit and confidence is good. or else u need more. but basically you only need 1 sport psychologist. bad team spirit, confidence and result is very very normal for your first season. haha.
(iv) 1-5 spokesperson. use this calculator to count.
(v) 0 economist. you only need this if your team has negative cash! i hope u will never need to hire this~
(vi) 2-5 physiotherapist. this is kinda important. Physiotherapists keep your players from injury. I always hire 5 since i love my players a lot. Now my team is doing well and I got good income, so I start to hire more~
(vii) 0-3 doctor. you only need doctor if your team got players injured. the number of doctor depend on how long your player is injured. if only 1-2 weeks, then hire 1 doctor. if 2-4 weeks, then 2 doctors. if 5 weeks+ (ouch!) then 3 doctors. (only suggestion~)

Fans and Sponsors
- well they are the source of your money income! you cannot control them directly, since they are the "boss". :p
- however, you may indirectly affect them by:
(i) keep winning those league game or cup game
(ii) avoid losing in those league game or cup game that you host (or else they will be angry at you!)
(iii) hire some "Spokesperson" to make them happy. use the calculator i gave you above to count how many Spokesperson that you need.
- the fans will pay you RM120 (per person) when they join your fans club.
- those fans in your club will pay you RM120 (per person) annually.
- the fans will come to watch the league/cup game that you host. (if your team is doing well, more people will come to watch it)
- sponsors will pay you money based on how your team performance (this i am not sure how they judge~)
- therefore try to keep your fans and sponsors happy! they are very important!

- this is the place where you host your matches.
- you may use this calculation to count how much seats should you have.
- basically you wont need to expand your arena at season one.
- my advice will be, you try to expand your arena when you found that your arena is full. if your team is playing well, you probably might need expand the arena once very 4-8 weeks! if thats so, then congrats, it is a very good news! the bigger your arena (and if it is always full) then the better it will be~ that mean a lot of income~~~ (try use the calculation to count the size of your arena)

- it affects you slightly on 2 things:
(i) if it is raining, less people will go to watch the match. bad for you if that day you are the one hosting the game~
(ii) it affect your players. some players play well in rain, some play well in sunny day.
- you may check your weather forecast by clicking your country, and click your state. it will show you the weather for today and the weather forecast for tomorrow. (the forecast is not 100% accurate)
- my advice will be, try to check the weather if you got players that will be affected by weather (those with Technical, Powerful and Quick skill)

The Matches
- very complicated and fun part. this is where u need to find out about the game. haha.
- read this for at least 5 times and keep reading it when you are free. slowly you will know what is it all about. read this for more detail.
- league game takes place every Sunday 12noon (Msia time).

The Tactics
- you may choose the tactics for your matches if you had done all the challenges in license.
- there are 5 types of tactics in the game, each has different type of effect. read here for more detail.
- i simply describe the tactics:
(i) Pressing, using this tactic,
* you will make the game to have less goal (scoring chance for BOTH team decreased)
* your players will be tired faster (drain more "stamina" than normal)
(ii) Counter Attack, using this tactic,
* you will have some chance to counter attack and might score if your team's defenders are good
* your team's midfield performance will reduce by 7%
(iii) Attack in the Middle, using this tactic,
* you will increase the chance for your team to score in middle
* you will decrease the chance for your team to score in wings
(iv) Attack on Wings, using this tactic,
* you will increase the chance for your team to score in wings
* you will decrease the chance for your team to score in middle
(v) Play Creatively, using this tactic,
* your team will perform more randomly
* your team will reduce some defense power
- my advice will be:
(i) use Pressing against a strong team that you know it will be hard to win, IF your team has good stamina and defense. then you might get a draw game. you should not use this if your team is stronger than the opponent.
(ii) use Counter Attack IF your team has good defenders (good in DEFENDING and PASSING). 5-4-1 or 5-3-2 formation is good combo with this tactic.
(iii) use Attack in the Middle IF your middle attack power is good and opponent's middle defense is not so good.
(iv) use Attack on Wings IF your wings attack power is good and opponent's wings defense is not so good.
(v) i hardly use Play Creatively, haha. but it says using this tactic is good if you got many specialist players (specialist players mean those has Head, Quick, Powerful, Technical and Unpredictable skill)

Individual Orders and Repositioning
- you may change the players order after you done the licence thingy.
- this is to choose how your players should focus on: offensive, defensive, towards middle or towards wings.
- read here and here for detailed information.

- there are several types of formation in the game: 4-4-2, 5-4-1, 5-3-2, 4-5-1, 4-3-3, 3-5-1, 3-4-2 and some not popular formation.
- try to use the above 7 popular formation, since your team will not be familiar to those not popular ones.
- using unfamiliar formation might create chaos and make your team confuse when they are having the match. confusion will cause they perform less effectively.
- 4-4-2 is always in "excellent" level
- other 6 popular formations will need to be used regularly to be in "excellent" level.
- those formations that are not used will slowly reduce level.
- all 7 formations are good, you choose the formation that suit you the best (depending on your play style and players)
- my advice will be, choose 1-2 formation and keep use them. choose your formation wisely, example:
(i) if you want to play Counter Attack tactic, of course 5-4-1 and 5-3-2 will be a better choice
(ii) if you got many good midfield players, then maybe 4-5-1 or 3-5-2
(iii) if you got many good defenders, then maybe 5-3-2 or 5-4-1
(iv) if you got many good forwards, then maybe 4-3-3 or 3-4-3

- this is the fun part of the game too, learn more about players in this link and this link
- something to aware of, some players got special skills (Head, Quick, Technical, Powerful and Unpredictable). these players are known as specialist players.
- the effect of those 5 special skills:
(i) Head
* better chance to score when your team got corner kick
* better chance to defense against corner kick
(ii) Quick
* lose Scoring and Defending in rain
* lose Defending in sun
* (if forward or winger) sometime will create score chance
* (if defender or center midfielder) can defend against the chance created by Quick Forward or Quick Winger
(iii) Powerful
* gain Scoring, Defending and Playmaking skill in rain
* lose Scoring in sun
* get more tired in sun
* Defending skill count as double if using Pressing tactic
(iv) Technical
* lose Scoring and Playmaking skill in rain
* gain the Scoring and Playmaking skill in sun
* (if forward or winger) has chance to score if opponent is Head defender or Head center midfielder
(v) Unpredictable
* can use Passing skill to create unexpected long passes
* can use Scoring skill to intercept the ball
* may create unlikely scoring opportunities
* (if defender or center midfielder) if Defending skill is low, might create chance for opponent to score

- the coach here is the main coach (different from the specialists "goalkeeping coach" and "assistant coach"). coach can be:
(i) defensive - will make your team has better defense but less offense power in matches
(ii) offensive - will make your team has better offense but less defense power in matches
(iii) neutral - will increase your team's offense and defense slightly in matches
- coach is important for 2 things, his training skill and leadership.
- his training skill will determine how well your players will be trained.
- his leadership will determine your team's spirit. if his leadership is low, then your team will probably perform below standard, since your team spirit will be low.
- a coach's leadership will slowly decrease every season.
- there are 2 ways to get a coach:
(i) hire externally - hire from computer. this will be slightly more expensive than (ii).
(ii) make a player into a coach - train your one player into coach. the player must had stayed in your club for one season. therefore at season one, your only choice will be hire externally.
- you are given a random coach when you are given a team. but his skill and leadership might be kinda low, and you might wish to hire an external coach.
- if you do hire an external coach, remember to fire the old coach after you had hired a coach. (to save salary)
- coach cannot be traded, so useless coach should be fired.
- to gain more info, read this and this.

- in this game, you cannot sell your player directly. you can only send the player into transfer list.
- the players in the transfer list will be open for all club to bid on.
- the club that offer the highest bid will get the player.
- the player will be in the transfer list for 3 days, if noone bid for him, he will be send back to your team.
- putting a player into the tranfer list will cost your RM4000. (therefore if you got a totally useless player, just fire him. you will waste extra RM4000 if no one buy him.)
- the bidding time sometime will be more than 3 days. but if someone places an offer less than 3 minutes before the deadline, the deadline will be extended for another 3 minutes.
- you cannot cancel your action of sending your player into transfer list. if you regret and want him back, then you might have to bid him back.
- the extra info about tranfer is in here.

Friendly match
- every week you may organise a friendly match, to get some minor income and experience for your team.
- the friendly match will take place every Wednesday 12noon (Msia time).
- you cannot have a friendly match if you have cup game that week, since cup game also take place at that time.
- you may challenge or accept challenge from anyone.
- international friendly match means some other team from other country comes to your place and have a friendly match with you, or the other way round (you fly to other country for the friendly match)
- if you are flying to other country for the friendly match, then you will need to pay some money for the air-ticket. so it will be wise not to do so. try have friendly match in your stadium.
- if you are having a game in your own country, no matter which state both teams are from, there will be no air-ticket cost.
- having an international friendly match will give double experience that a local friendly match will give.
- my advice will be try to have international friendly matches in your stadium.
- you will have some income from the ticket selling. thats why it give you some minor income.
- the ticket money will be shared equally between 2 teams.

- this is a very important part of the game.
- your players will improve their skills according to the training that you give them.
- training will be affected by:
(i) the training type (refer to here and here)
(ii) your main coach training skill level
(iii) the number of your goalkeeping coach (if you are training goalkeeper) and assistant coach (if you are training outfield players)
(iv) the age of the player. a young player (youngest will be 17 years old) will train more than an older player (players start to drop skill after 30 years old)
- training takes place every Thursday
- read the example in this page clearly. it is very important to understand how training works.
- u must choose the training type wisely.
- my advice will be, buy a set of 17-18 years old new player to train properly. example, buy a set of young defenders, then choose "Defending" training.
- make sure you dont mess up the training. for clearer explaination, here is the example: you have a player named David Bechkam and you set the training as Playmaking...
(i) if you set David Bechkam in central midfielder position in your league game (sunday game) and friendly/cup game (wednesday game) for that week, at the training day (thursday) David will train his "playmaking" skill greatly.
(ii) if you set David Bechkam in central midfielder position in your league game (sunday game) and  in defender postion in friendly/cup game (wednesday game) for that week, at the training day (thursday) David will train his "playmaking" skill very slightly, because the training count on the latest position he played.
(iii) if you set David Bechkam in defender position in your league game (sunday game) and winger postion friendly/cup game (wednesday game) for that week, at the training day (thursday) David will train his "playmaking" skill slightly better than (ii).
(iv) if you set David Bechkam in central midfielder position in your league game (sunday game), at the training day (thursday) David will train his "playmaking" skill greatly, just like in (i).
(v) if you didnt let David Bechkam play any match for that week, he will not receive any training.

*** THE END ***

so this game main point is u are a coach,
n u will need to buy team member 1 by 1.
den slowly get money n buy a better but cheap player.right?
btw,how to gain money?

sort of.

(1) i would say we are manager, not coach hehe
(2) we will be given a team of around 20 players in the beginning. then we try to buy good players in reasonable price to build a better team
(3) we get money from:
(i) sell players
(ii) sponsor give us money (u need to perform well, by winning those league games)
(iii) fans join club and give us some money
(iv) get ticket money when we host the league game (big big money~)

sttomato owns!
Nice guide sttomato... for me, I just maxed my specialists... lol... I have 3 goalkeeping coaches, 7 assistant coaches, and 10 specialists for each of the rest. Guess I have too much money :P

waks~ max >_< haha thats the advantage of being rich! hehe. suppose most people do that when their team is old enough ^_^


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